Beef Processing Starts with Ranchers

​​​​National Beef® is an industry leading processor and supplier of fresh and chilled boxed beef products. With processing facilities located in Liberal & Dodge City, Kansas, our unique approach to delivering consistent quality and value has positioned us as the preferred beef supplier across the U.S. and the globe.
We have partnered with an exclusive group of ranchers that have a vested interest in raising the highest quality cattle. This provides us with a steady supply of high quality cattle.

From choosing the best genetics for breeding, to providing cattle with a grain-fed diet, our aim is to follow strict guidelines that deliver high quality cattle, providing beef that our customers can rely on again and again.

National Beef Beef Processing

Processing Innovation

At National Beef®, we continually implement programs and procedures to ensure safe ​​and consistent beef. We have invested millions of dollars to expand and upgrade our plants and food safety practices, and to developing new technologies that lead us into the next generation of processing innovation.

National Beef Beef Processing

Exceptional Products & Programs

From our proprietary Biologic® Food Safety System, to the implementation of vision grading, and the expansion of our ground beef facilities, we are committed to applying the latest technologies to strengthen our customers’ operations.